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To avoid someone until they get the picture and stop contacting you.
This mother fucker is annoying yo. I'm guna have to ghost him until he gets the point.
by miggelzworth October 06, 2010
When you have to take a shit and all that comes out is a loud fart and a spray of shit. (Just compare to the Hershey syrup bottle when it's on it's last squirt).
Bro I had the hershey squirts today, as soon as I sat on the toilet, it started squirtin' out.
by miggelzworth October 25, 2010
When your balls are so sweaty and smelly they could make someone's eyes tear.
I went for a jog then I laid in the sun for an hour. My girl insisted on giving me head, her eyes started tearing up and then I told her I had a bad case of Onion balls.
by miggelzworth October 26, 2010
Referring to someone's anus.
That dude is gay, his Hershey Highway has constant traffic in it.
by miggelzworth October 25, 2010
When someone has yellow teeth.
Yo did you see Nelson's teeth? He's got some set of banana peppas in his mouth!
by miggelzworth October 04, 2010
A term used to describe black people in the early 1900's.
Check out that powder burn breathin up all the white man's air.
by miggelzworth October 06, 2010
Someone who has a bad case of acne. Whiteheads for the mozzerella and red blotches for the sauce.
Man, did you see the shape of Frank? He's got some fuckin pizza face that kid!
by miggelzworth October 20, 2010
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