Herpes-most commonly found on the parrot...*cough* justina *cough*...she currently resides at CCHS in Lawrence, MA.
she thinks that kara is a ho...but she has herpes...yes...u heard me...herpes.
See justina a.k.a the parrot for details
by evanderillion February 17, 2005
Adjective used to describe something that is real cool. Similiar slang terms are "Bitchin", "the Shit", and "Tits".
"My parents bought me a car for graduation."
"Wow, man! That's just herpes!"
by Jebus January 15, 2005
Something you do NOT want coming back positive at the doctors office...
I just took a test at the doctor... I think I have herpes in the mouth.
by Alxaisapenguin August 29, 2015
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