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A short, yard gnome looking male, that is extremely creepy (also known as C.G.) around the work place. He usually hits on girls in the office and is known to have multiple HR pending cases against him. You can usually find this short perverted little man lurking into the women's bathroom at work.
by Johnson619 July 17, 2008
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Males who love Harry Potter and Paintballs, enjoys kissing girls, and Ron Wiesley. Handsome, sexy by nature.
"Although Snapes a dick, i wouldn't shoot him with a paintball, i'd probably makeout with Hermione and then eat some pancakes with sir up, i'm a fogarty"
by colei October 28, 2008
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A classic example of a douchebag in highschool who has a total disregard for social norms. Often disliked by majority of people but still seems to think he is the top dog.
Dom: Dude, did you see what that guy in year 10 did to the guy in senior?
Michael: No what happened?
Dom: He taped the guys hands to his face and filled his blazer pockets with liquid soap.
Michael: That guy is such a Fogarty.
by Borgothegreat. September 04, 2010
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