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an all boys private school located in the heart of washington dc. home to the purple eagles the school is known for its greatness in sports especially hockey and football. the boys at the school tend to get many hott women and tend to have the best parties. the school is 100x better than any in the area including: georgetown prep, dematha, st stephens and st agnes, episcopal(if they count), tc williams, and many more
that boy is so well rounded he must attend GONZAGA HIGHSCHOOL
by AB November 02, 2004
a term of endearment that is sometimes used as an insult or expression of anger/pain
Awww whoreface i lerve you
by ab December 15, 2003
The first definition is correct, however, over the past two decades, Naptown has grown into a term of endearment. Nap as in "Nappy" or "Tight".
Headin back to Naptown this weekend to run with some old friends.
by ab June 10, 2004
the Yiddish word for Con-Artist, Flim- Flam Man
U fuckin schuyster.
by AB June 27, 2003
big overweight stinky italian
That bitch that got sucked up by a dog is a bogi.
by ab February 19, 2005
That kid dom is the biggest fasi ive ever fuckin met. And he's gay.
by ab February 19, 2005
loser, idiot, stupid, retarded
Ben, stop being such a herb!
by AB June 26, 2003
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