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The SI unit of inductance. Equal to magnetic flux (webers) over current (amperes).
Man, that coil of wire just had a current induced courtesy of Lenz's law. Must've been over 1000 henrys produced by that bar magnet.
by Stand Ablaze September 18, 2005
61 69
Someone who is funny, but incredibly selfish and a huge asshole. Has very low standards and doesn't know how to treat a girl right because he's too busy thinking about himself and weed. A bit repulsive.
"Wow, he's funny, but he banged that fat ugly girl, he must be a Henry."
" That guy is disgusting! He's such a Henry!"
" Wow he smells nasty, like weed. And he is such an asshole to his girlfriend!He must be a Henry!"
by Cheesehead122 November 05, 2011
3 16
Dog and child lover
Henry is a fucking creep.
by King Dong Friend Man August 07, 2011
6 19
When both legs are lifted above your head to let out a large fart. This fart will be wet and juicy and piss off your friends.
that sucks, thats how my car smells because i pulled a henry too
by cyanide14 June 29, 2010
14 35
vietnamese gangster born to in U.S. to kill Al capone
henry will fuck ya up
by bzitle September 18, 2008
41 64
A force that consumes all fun.

A serious situation.
I'm sorry, that's a real Henry.
by rahrahlou April 18, 2011
1 27
emilee's best friend.
the best guy in the whole wide world!

you know henry? emilee's best friend
by emdog(: July 10, 2008
41 67