The coolest, nerdy, hacking genius I've ever met. either if you need a hug, help with homework, or just need to talk, he's always there for you. Henry also enjoys to speak in his own made up language.
A sentence Henry would use:

"If purple unicorns can't fly than why do sandwiches contain pickles?"
by Alki1236 March 11, 2015
A pluralized version of the name Henry, for when you are with or referring to more than one Henry.
Why do henries always seem to hang out together?
by henhenhen May 02, 2011
The hair from around your anus, being placed into a prepared dish, unknowingly. Can be topped off with frumunda cheese.
Pardon me sir, it would seem there are several Henrys in my soup. I'd prefer less Henry, and more soup. Much Obliged.
by superfresh_ska-tee January 10, 2011
to walk halfway across the street only to see a car and then run right back where you started when you just as easly could have walked the same distance to the other side of the street
dude, you just tottaly pulled a henry
by sexpanther532 July 30, 2008
The SI unit of inductance. Equal to magnetic flux (webers) over current (amperes).
Man, that coil of wire just had a current induced courtesy of Lenz's law. Must've been over 1000 henrys produced by that bar magnet.
by Stand Ablaze September 18, 2005
The act of going to a friends house and eating all of their food, without asking and leaving all of your shit there.
Oh no! I left my phone and shirt at his house, I pulled a henry!

He ate all of my food and left the trash everywhere, he pulled another henry.
by Bid Dick Rick March 17, 2012
a extreme rager. Someone that rages a lot.
stop being a henry
by aznboy3 December 29, 2011

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