to collide with someone while riding a bicycle who turns the same direction with the other person and crash
Henry: Sorry, Michael. I just pulled a Henry on you. :(

Michael: Why would you turn the same way as me and crash into me, you idiot!
by huhguihrfgjfj February 21, 2008
a word used to describe 3.5 grams of any drug, not just weed, coke, heroin etc
bruv you hav no idea wat nick did last nite, he did a henry of coke to himself in one hour and blazed up a henry of puff.wat a nutter
by big Ess May 23, 2005
fat, gay, retarted and gets a boner when he sees girls (even ugly girls)
hes like cam off modern family.......................
he was such a henry walking around with a massive boner
by poio December 13, 2010
to do somthing seedy and slutty
he pulled a henry on me when he had his hand up my skirt.
by asdfkjkl June 08, 2007
To perform an improper act with a hoover. From the eponymous brand of hoovers with faces on "Henry Hoover"
"Dan said he had a good Henry the other day"
"Sick Fucker!"
by IBGeorge February 28, 2008
French footballer who is a cheating cunt.
Thierry Henry what a cheating cunt!
by NedTheNoodler November 19, 2009
A name for something shit. The well known Henry The Hoover was named Henry due to it being incredibly shit!
You are so Henry!
by Drunken Robocop November 18, 2009

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