To masturbate using Swarfega rather than hand cream or similar
My hands are well clean after having a Henry last night!
by MrPhilipsLikesGrease March 25, 2011
If someone has "got henries", that means that they are attractive. If someone "has the henries" for another person, that means they are attracted to that person. The term probably derives from the unit of inductance in electrical engineering, named after Joseph Henry (1791-1867).
"Whoa, she's got henries!"

"Everybody knows that Sam's got the henries for her".

by Bob Loblaww April 01, 2008
A piece of perfection. A Henry is just perfect, it's almost like he's craved from the heaven. His smile, his laugh and even the way he eats is perfect! If you meet a Henry, don't let go, fight for him until your very last breath.
Eyes you could get lost in, hair that fits him perfectly and an angle sent from above = the perfect Henry
by AbiG September 24, 2014
An amazing friend, never let's you down, kind hearted, rubbish at sports, gives you a good thrashing, massive cock, amazing at giving it you, long tounge ;), Hot, great body, easily bangable, everybody should have a Henry to keep them pleasured
"Henry gave me an amazing thrashing lastnight"
"Oh Henry was Amazing"
"You pleasure people like Henry"

"Henry gives you a thrashing better then you"

"Do you really thing you have a bigger cock then Henry yeah right"
"I'm a guy and even I want Henry"
"Henrys body just helps it more"
by 123456987654321 September 19, 2013
Henry is a handsome man who has extraordinary facial hair. He is loved by most girls because of his amazing personality. Usually drives a german car
Girl 1- look at that Audi, i wonder who's car that is

Girl 2- it has to be a Henry
by king of illuminati August 16, 2014
The most amazing boyfriend who will make your heart sing. This boy will make you blush like crazy! He will no doubt make you smile or have a crack up and makes you feel better no matter what. His smile is the most sweetest thing you will ever witness and he sure knows how to treat us girls right. He will go out of his way to see you happy and can really make your feelings last. Henry has got to be the most perfect boy in the world, smart, athletic, great at hugs, affectionate and… wow. Hot.
He is such a Henry! Looks at that bod, that is a nice bod.
by Kitkattt09 May 14, 2014
A pluralized version of the name Henry, for when you are with or referring to more than one Henry.
Why do henries always seem to hang out together?
by henhenhen May 02, 2011

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