A German or Irish name meaning "Hero" or "Ruler of the home". Henry's are some of the sweetest people once you get to know them. They are also great friends, as they stand up to those who mess with others and would gladly take a bullet for someone they love. Henry's like to mess around with others, especially if they feel close to you and they care about you deeply.

Most Henry's have a troubled past and seem to daze off at random times, reflecting on that past.
Guy: That guy is a great friend, its because he's a Henry.
by TheThornedOne November 21, 2012
A drink comprising of Orange Juice and Lemonade word unique to Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom.
Ill have a Henry please barman
by Chris12345 September 06, 2005
The best guy ever. He is loving and kind and will never let you down. People with out common sense often say he looks like Justin Bieber, but he is so much better than any celebrity in the history of all man kind. He will always make you smile, and often times he makes you feel awkward, but it is all okay because you can't help but laugh and be happy around him. If you have Henry in your life you need to keep him there because he is the best guy ever :) and I am sooo in love with him!
"Henry is the best guy ever"
by SGray30707 August 24, 2011
Henry is a word that can be used to describe a man that is extremely attractive and flirtatious. He has an amazing smile and soft, amazing hair. He always accuses people of wanting his body because he's just that narcissistic, and he will take pictures of himself just because he loves the way he looks. All the girls want him, but he is a heartbreaker. He secretly has committment issues. It's easy to love a Henry, but not easy to gain his love.

Henry is an amazing and loyal friend that always knows what to say to make you feel better. Henry is easy to trust and easy to talk to. He is very caring and supportive and loves to make new friends and talk to all kinds of people. A Henry is a friend you definitely want to hang on to! Even when you're a bitch, Henry won't turn his back on you.
Oh, that's definitely a Henry...
by pendulous.threads July 27, 2011
Someone who is extremely hot. They are usually looked up to for their good looks and sometimes referred to as a god. They are also sometimes major lax brothers.
Yo dude he is sooooooooo Henry!
by Goddess Of Narnia. January 15, 2011
The most amazing boyfriend who will make your heart sing. This boy will make you blush like crazy! He will no doubt make you smile or have a crack up and makes you feel better no matter what. His smile is the most sweetest thing you will ever witness and he sure knows how to treat us girls right. He will go out of his way to see you happy and can really make your feelings last. Henry has got to be the most perfect boy in the world, smart, athletic, great at hugs, affectionate and… wow. Hot.
He is such a Henry! Looks at that bod, that is a nice bod.
by Kitkattt09 May 14, 2014
Henry - A name that originated from the Latin word 'jurgatus'. This name was slowly morphed from 'jurgatus' into the modern day Henry by being translated from one language to another.

The result of the improper translations have ended up as Henry, The background of this name has since been usually forgotten but with research revealing this transition through history it has been rapidly resolved that the origin name of Henry is in fact 'jurgatus'
Some guy: "Did you hear about that new research work on your name Henry?"

Henry: "no lul wut is it?"

Some guy: "Your name originates from the word jurgatus!"

Henry: "Cool!"
by TegidTheBrutal January 16, 2013

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