the most gorgeous, amazing, damn right perfect person to touch this planet.
he's the best boyfriend anyone could ever have and he is all mine mine mine.

he pokes his tounge out when he's concentrating and breathes really loudly when he sleeps.
he gets food all over his face, and likes big sandwhiches.
he tickles me and watches me squirm.

i love him :)
wow that henry kid is pretty kewl
by nimsaj ;) January 20, 2009
n.] Slang. One eighth ounce of weed. Derived from Henry the Eighth.
I bought a Henry, now it's time to party!
by callinghome November 01, 2004
an incredibly attractive person, who is constantly positive and very loving. Henry's are always up for adventure and they take risks. Henry's are savage and they know how to rage plain and simple, and keep your eyes peeled for those with red hair, because those are the keepers.
That boy is definitely a henry!

Cliff jumping? That's so henry.

I'm so lucky I have a henry.
by milika September 14, 2009
He is the best friend anyone could ever have. Do not ever let him go. Would easily the biggest mistake of your life.
Henry's are always caring, nice, extremely sexyyyyy, usually better as a latino. So veryy very intelligent and perceptive. Basically a sweet Know-It-All :D
Occasionally is frustrating due to the fact that you can never measure up to the Henry's. Then they always like to believe they are right but its ok because most of the time they are. They try to figure out things they cannot and will always be asking questions about everything.

Easy to shop for though for holidays and what not because if you bother them enough times then they will tell you the exact thing they want.

If you ever end up dating one, he will probably be one of the few people that you will fall in love with and no matter what, always trust them because they will never betray that trust.
guy 1: Hey look its that one super sexy guy, his name is Henry isn't it?

guy 2: Oh wait hold up guy 1, no no that guy isn't a Henry, that is an Edward. (wink wink nudge nudge)
by yellowpolkadotbikini December 13, 2009
A translated contemporary version of the word, Hero. A Henry will rise to the occasion when most needed, especially during times of epic battle and interstellar confliect. It is good to have a Henry in your friend group and/or family because during an alien invasion or attack of super villians, the Henry will then disappear only to re-appear as a Hero of some type, Superhero or galatic warrior sent through time and space. Henry is usually also the name of the Hero's alter ego, so if you know someone named Henry, odds are that person is a Hero of sometype. The actual superhero name is unknown, though if you have only one superhero, you can bet that its a Henry behind that mask or cape. Don't forget that if its a women, then her name is probably Henrietta!
#1 It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's a Henry!

#2 Lady: Run, it's a giant teddy bear stomping through Manhatten!

Man: Eh...don't worry about it. Henry will take care of it. Won't you, Henry?

Henry: (Silence because he's no where to be found)

Man: Look at that, he's on it already! (Points up to the sky where a caped figure is flying in, heading towards the giant teddy bear)
by Frostylad February 05, 2010
a word that simply means awesome.
Oh my god! Have you seen the new episode of Big Bang Theory? That episode was fucking henry!

Dude, the moonkin dance on WoW is henry!
by ArmedRooster January 09, 2011
a name for a hot teenager who drives alll girls crzy
a guy tat you have to have as ur bf cuz he is so unique cute,and funny adorable,FINEEEEE,and snartND yet is sooo shy
girl:omg who is he?he looks soo hot nd kute i bet his name is henry
girl:hiz name i is henry
girl:tat explains sooo much
by kitlove15zagf February 06, 2011

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