Noun: Synonymn for money.
Verb: to give money
Noun: I need help because I am broke!
Verb: I helped the poor.
by Chase November 07, 2003
What one says when they need a beer.
Anyone need any help?
I need help.
by Floyd kid September 22, 2010
a ruthless beating of an absolute moron
Zach: Hey, I think that's the crackhead who fucked my stereo and stole my wife!

John: Let's go give him some help, heh heh.

Zach: Damn right ! That's exactly what that motherfucker needs.
by Dr. Gonzo March 06, 2004
Screwing a girl to help her cope with being away from home
Don't tell him that I helped his girlfriend.
by Craig A. Pond January 05, 2005
When one needs help, they need drugs.
Fundo needed help so that he could stop his itching and scratching.
by authOOr June 23, 2006

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