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Glam without being trampy - attention grabbing class! It is sophisticated, intelligent, and gorgeous.
A great purse, high heeled shoes and some vintage jewelry can make even a simple outfit chic.
by Laurie7s May 07, 2006
The name for a lady who does put out. A bitch is the name for a lady who puts out for everyone but you.
"I'd like to take that ho and bend her over"
by Laurie7s March 19, 2006
Assistance available without question or reciprocation - only when it is NOT needed.
When I was moving no-one could fucking help me... when I win in Vegas, they all wanna help me with something. The bastards.
by Laurie7s March 31, 2006
the worst possible facility on earth
i got totally fucked over at jiffy lube.
by Laurie7s March 31, 2006
A nice guy is the no-in between guy. He is either bald or so exceptionally hairy that he creates shade like a willow tree. He may be shaped like Baby Hughey or thinner than a crack whore (although he will neither use crack or be a whore since he's a nice guy.) In fact they are often virgins (naturally or born again) and volunteer time and funds to drug rehabiliation and other noteworthy programs. The nice guy may have impaired vision and wear thick glasses that create the highly undesirable affects of a funhouse mirror.Other nice guys may have excellent vision in their eyes that bulge, wander or cry frequently. The NICE GUY makes an excellent friend as he picks up tabs, earns trust, runs errands, rarely complains, watches chick flicks, rubs your feet, accepts collect calls, posts bail, and holds a steady job. He is however, unworthy of being kissed or touched in a romantic way - because you can treat the Nice guy anyway you wish and he will accept you with open arms. There is no need to praise, or show positive emotion or affection toward the nice guy... he's loyal as a pooch.
Nice Guy: "We've been friends for a long time now - and I feel really close to you..."
Woman: (immediately interrupts to break his heart) "You're a NICE GUY... but I don't want to ruin our friendship"
by Laurie7s March 18, 2006

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