A two lobed hocker connected by a thin stream of saliva.
Joe liked spucking helicopters off of high buildings to watch them twirl before hitting pedestrians, vehicles or pavement below
by budgieramone January 15, 2004
Top Definition
When you swing your penis around in a circle and make the noise of a helicopter.
I helicoptered right in front of your mom.
by tilded April 17, 2003
The helicopter is a very difficult (and awkward, don't forget awkward) but fulfilling sexual position. It is performed by the man who, while fully erect and inside the woman (... or whatever.), proceeds to turn his entire body in a circle around the woman. All the while turning his penis inside the woman's vagina (... or whatever.).
J.R.- The tricky part is making sure your member doesn't 'pop' out while you're doing this. ... And to keep from laughing. Otherwise its great.
by Jean-Rene' White January 04, 2004
Sexual act with the female on top. The female does a split and inserts lubed penis into vagina. The male then grabs hold of the female's legs and spins her around rapidly, similar to that of a helicopter's blades.
Has a high failure rate, roughly 100%. Failure results in Female either falling over or vomiting, and Male losing penis.
Theoretically, a successful helicopter, if done fast enough, could generate lift for the female for about 2 seconds. There have been 3 reported cases of success, but they were all in Japan so you never know.
Dude 1: Yo d00d my girlfriend and I totally did the helicopter last night!

Dude 2: No you did not.

Dude 1: You're right. Sad face.
by jiffylube4REELZ187 January 06, 2009
The act of pulling your dick out of your pants and twirling it around in public. Can be performed with or without hands.
"damn that guy is such a helicopter man, he just swirled his dick in front of the adverse hockey team!"
by slacky natasha February 19, 2010
A type of rotorcraft in which lift and thrust are supplied by one or more engine driven rotors
Did you see that helicopter flying by?
by Ysbrydion July 09, 2011
A card game invented by four-year old Scott Janner loosely based on poker, war and gin rummy. The rules change every hand based on the cards played so that Scott always wins.
Scott always beats Uncle Stan at Helicopter because he is the only who knows the rules, which are usually made up on the spot.
by grandma kirby May 30, 2013
While the man is on top of a woman in a missionary type position, he lifts her legs which are extended, and moves them around at various 90 degree angles while doing her. The purpose is to have the man's penis feel big inside her and the movement of her legs will make her orgasm faster.
"Hey man, did you do the helicopter on that chick you picked up on last night?"
by I love lola August 22, 2011
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