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When naked, a male moves up and down in a hula hoop motion, which causes the flacid penis to spin like a propellar. This act, although mainly done by children is also enjoyed by many men and their female audiences.
Look at me! Look at me! Check out my chopper (helicopter)!
by bleeb bleeb bleeb June 06, 2009
The art of hitting people on the forehead with an erect penis
I got helicoptered
by Stu Bennett October 09, 2003
something that falls out of the sky for no reason.
she jumped off that roof and fell like a helicopter
by brit March 26, 2003
Verb or noun.

To projectile vomit (preferably after a large volume of beer such as Speight's) while being spun around on the top of someone's shoulders.
Popular at university beer drinking competitions in New Zealand.
Hey, look - he's doing a helicopter!
by Standoc August 29, 2007
Especially good Dro, or hydroponically grown weed. Helicopter, as in it does not go in the ground.
"Had some weed on me,
didn't want it to show,
some helicopter took my partner three months to grow."

-Devin the Dude
by dshstrhtrsg August 11, 2007
When a female and a male have sexual intercourse, the Lady (usually a very experienced whore, who has a background in gymnastics) the lady holds onto a ceiling fan; spreads her legs into a splits position. The man then lays back inserts the penis into the vagina and lays back while he gets the best sex he will ever have.
The Whore said" three nickels for a blumpkin, $12.50 for a hair pie, and $34.99 for a Helicopter"
The man replied "I'll take all three"
by Kaveman April 25, 2007
when a man can take his flaccid penis in one hand and be long enough to have extra, which he rotates. This gives the propellor affect. This can also be done with no hands, but is a tad more difficult and for the advanced only, as it requires flexible hips.
Leena: last night, i was asking Tyler to show me all the things he can do with his dick and he did something called the helicopter. It was so funny, i've never seen anything like that before!!
by Utt July 09, 2005