a significant other who hovers around you all the time, most likely a person you are sleeping with.
L:what you got going on today?
M: nothin much, just waiting for the Helicopter to pick me up so I can get a haircut.
by kickdoe August 29, 2007
A person who hovers around their partner when they are out socialising, or can apply to a person who is hanging around like a bad smell
Look at that guy, he is such a helicopter
by Annalisa March 18, 2005
You sit on your left or right foot while it is crunched and extend your other leg and swing it in a circle around your body and under your crunched leg.
helicopter is also called the coffee grinder
by blazed December 09, 2004
The act of slapping someone's face from right to left with your erect penis.
I went to give him a blow job and he almost knocked me unconcious with a helicopter!
by Twisted February 27, 2003
When you are doing a girl doggie style, and you stand up in the middle while your still in her and you spin her in circles and pull out causing her to hit the wall and pass out.
Dude, mark mallet and frankie were upstairs and i heard thunk, i think they did the Helicopter.
by Betsy Jo Shnooks September 22, 2006
To spin around in circles while munting.
Helicopter! Blaarrrghgghhagh.
by Aspirex November 13, 2005
When someone really drunk throws up while pooping at the same time. Produces an incomprehensible smell that is comparable to Bigfoot's dick.
Christian got so drunk at his party that he helicoptered all over his backpack.

Damn Kiko was fucked up on his birthday and helicoptered!
by s.latch September 22, 2011
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