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One of the most rad women in the universe due to her bootylicious bod and sultry voice, not to mention the twinkle in her eye and sexy smile. Despite the two e's, see pronunciation guide.
Damn, you look fine. You must be named Leena.
by Leena April 07, 2005
a rare and precious being
see also pudden
you're a real leena.
by fiona January 02, 2004
a very beautiful precious sweet intelligent assertive girl
leena is beautiful
by leenasmom January 18, 2009
see badonkadonk and rack
"ouch leena is so hot it burns"
by Me(ow) May 21, 2003
A beautiful creature that's has the sweetness and charm of a girl but with the intelligence and grace of a woman. She has a natural perfume that matches her mesmerizing features that leave men in trances. Her style reflexes her sexiness that always brings you begging for more. Keep her happy, cause she's out of your league and your damn lucky she's talking to you.
"I totally can not wait to see Leena this weekend. She is so hot, my face melts"
by smellsfunn September 26, 2011
Very cute and sexy guju girl ;)
by HigH OcTaNE July 30, 2003
A well mannered girl loves life honest loves her ever after friends loyal don't ever judge by eyes a stronge personality

She's loyal to everybody loves and respects understands she's a queen Leena's are cool and fun the are princesses and everything u could imagined it's good they love macaroons and ice cream the never betrayed they keep secrets safe till there graves
You must be a leena
by Leena March 16, 2015

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