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Used by aus arabs, esp lebs, to mean Good, Awesome, Crazy, fully sick
Bro moy cuzzin haz a RX3 wiv 26B and NOS it duz SEVENZ I swear to gaawwd it iz HEKTIK bro!
by sideways April 28, 2004
Gutless pieces of shit, with no respect for others, males/ females or authority, who may be racist and pick on people weaker then they are, usually fight in packs and when a fair fight is shown, they back down. Usually attack with coward or "dog" shots. They are not limited to any race/ religion or area. May also walk around with a ridiculous haircut thinking they are the best thing on earth.
those kids that hang outside of bankstown station smoking and thinking they are king shit are known as a hektik
by fullsikh8r July 10, 2008
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