Hehe means "I forgive you."
Boy- Hey, you're fat
Girl- What???
Boy- I'm just kidding.
Girl- Hehe.
by LREDBOY December 07, 2007
Top Definition
muffled laughter, suggesting a sneaky aspect to that being laughed at, differs from lol in this way, which is a full on belly laugh.
hope her plane doesn't go down, hehe....
by monsieur d October 04, 2005
A giggle. Not a laugh, just a giggle. Generally you say 'hehe' after saying something cute, but it can vary.
"James opened the door for me today, hehe!"
by Shai Green May 23, 2008
it is a variation of laughter

usually a sneaky or creepy laugh
theif: oo man, i just stole gas from that fat guy
theif: hehe
theif: thats pretty funny

stalker: wooo, i can see her now
stalker: i just wanna touch myself looking at her
stalker: hehe
by andy the mexican candy March 16, 2008
hehe, different from lol or haha. hehe usually has some type of innuendo. it is a subtle way to flirt via texting or instant messaging.
Girl: It was so much fun hanging out last night
Guy: yea def
Girl: but too bad we weren't by ourselves "hehe"..
by guy12345 April 20, 2009
Widely used in China, similar to "sounds interesting" in some situations.Usually used by girls to guys. An exact explanation is "I wanna say WTF but that's not the lady stuff and it's too cruel to you".
a disgusting guy:" Hey babe,would you like to go out with me?"
girl:" Hehe."
by The Man in the Iron Mask September 23, 2013
An alternative form of "lol" or "LMAO" to display a lesser sense of humour.
by future X March 22, 2003
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