A somewhat irritating giggle. You may find "hehe" pop up in various conversations in texts and ims. Many girls say this because it's a step cuter from the original "haha".
Hannah: Omg! My boyfriend is going to take me out shopping tomorrow! Hehehehe!
Sarah: Wow... that's nice! Haha :)
Hannah: Hehehehehehehe!
by paperstars February 12, 2009
The Hehe (Swahili collective: Wahehe) are an ethnic and linguistic group based in Iringa Region in south-central Tanzania. In 1994 the Hehe population was estimated to number 750,000
'The Hehe' had no elaborate organization but did have the flexibility to make difficulties for their enemies. Their name may have come from their war cry, "hee twahumite, hee twahumite, he he he heeeeee" ("hey, we have come out",) and perhaps an urban legend, was originally given to them by their enemies. The Wahehe accepted it only after the Germans and British applied it consistently. It had become a name of prestige.
by miloskorac June 21, 2009
a response to something funny, but not quite as funny to deserve a 'lol' or 'lmao'
We got wiped 3 times in WC.

by James Lipus June 30, 2006
a form of lol or lmao. But this form is used in a sexual way.
Boy: I want to be inside of you. hehe
by Sarah45675 May 05, 2008
Something someone who is so annoying does practicaly all the time. Their voice is utterly annoying , and their laugh a waste of out time.
*walks into party*
*hot guy says something to girl*
girl : HEHE ! omg you are SO funny (: heheheh
by frogflipperr July 07, 2009
Imitative term to describe a reserved, middle of the road type of laughter. Originated in the days before the internet on a BBS to represent how Beavis laughed on Beavis and Butt-Head. "huhu" was also used for Butt-head but did not catch on.
Also: hehehe, heh
leskhatyn: yeah, I tried sniffing coke once, but the ice cubes got stuck in my nose.
romulus267: hehehe
by romulus267 February 20, 2006
Known for her well stated stories upon the notorious site, TheBlackParade.net.

Her stories mostly consume of band My Chemical Romance, surrounding Gerard Way and Frank Iero, known as Frerard

Stories with titles such as 'Marijuana Does No Good, Frank', 'Rebirthing'. Along with her oneshots that leave readers hanging low, wanting more.
"I stared upon the black haired, pale complexion face that made my heart melt. I had realized, I loved him, with every breath I took."
by 9991nevermind June 29, 2009

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