a maniacal form of haha, used in scheming and after violent acts.
oh man, she totally just fell off a cliff!


we should totally get her crush to kill her, crush her emotionally.
by carlos! August 12, 2009
i'm laughting; that was funny; synonym to LOL; all your base.
hehe that was funny.
by Anonymous January 31, 2003
nervous laugh- to laugh nervously, worried chuckle
Omg, I just farted. Hehe.
by Flick88 June 22, 2007
that best thing in the word and its not laughter moron its awesome and leslie u have no clue what it means so haha best when dont uniquely like darts or under ping pong tables or any possible time in the world and im sad because I miss it
Leslie was annoying an didnt let them hehe. Leslie uk ur annoying and arneal is a freak so chose him.:)
by hehe is fun October 24, 2004
Hehe means "I forgive you."
Boy- Hey, you're fat
Girl- What???
Boy- I'm just kidding.
Girl- Hehe.
by LREDBOY December 07, 2007

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