Used by Alfonso, heartless angel 2, Kosamuji and Kosaburo, all of whom are the same person. Usually at the very beginning of a post in an internet forums to express small amusement gained from an above picture or comment. Smirk included.
Un/Intelligent poster: OH NOES!!!!!11111111111
Alfonso/Kosaburo: Heh. You suck.

Note- Poster's intelligence depends on whether the above statement was said in jest or as actual stupidity.
by Kosaburo July 16, 2004
not full laugh
nub:i pwn cs
me: heh.
by jason. July 13, 2003
Just lol basically..

what is the world coming to?
by Kurt NG UD September 19, 2004
HEH is an {acronym} for Housekeeper's Equality Hierarchy
Women are rapidly becoming tired of being slaves in the home. Throughout the Western World they are uniting to establish an organisation known as HEH. Women need more free time to themselves so that they too can enjoy life. This drastic change in society means that the men in their lives will have to take their turn at looking after the children, washing the nappies, pushing the pram and doing the shopping.
by St. Ias October 30, 2005
Another Word For What.
Bob:I said yeah.
by Yo Dog June 01, 2005
a hot canadians slang term for eh, but added the h for a touch of class
-those freshmen are hot, heh?
by Silly Freshmen July 09, 2004
Bakers favorite word.
Anyone: Wow, check out that hot chick, the naked one!!!
Baker: heh

Anyone: That chick so wants to do you baker!
Baker: heh
by teh kur October 29, 2004
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