A stylish way of laughing.
Dude 1: ...Because 7 8 9!
Dude 2: Heh.
Dude 1: Whoah. You are so fo' shizellin'.
Dude 2: Nice rendition of the spelling of the word "woah". I'm too fo' shizzelin' to hang with you. Get out of my sight.
Dude 1: Yes, sir! Spare me!
by Hampikizzel Fo' Shizzel May 28, 2005
It is used to laugh at someone when you have acheived something they cant. It can also be used to pronouce your pride of something that others may not thing you should take pride in.
Danny: I can't get my program to work.
Andy: Heh! Mine works!
Danny: Screw you!
Andy: Shove a cat up your arse dude.

Dave: Im going to photocopy my passport and change my age.
Andy: You can't do that thats fraud.
Dave: Heh, dont care!
by Radeon March 01, 2005
Used after saying something to which you don't know what the reaction will be, usually used to purposely show some sort of pity (existant or not) by displaying insecurity in the audience. Also used when giving bad news in order to lessen cases of "attacking the messanger"
"Hey baby...the condom broke...heh"
"I need to borrow 70 billion dollars for Iraq...heh heh heh"
by Dario teh Lion! February 13, 2005
Interjection used to say that someone is gay; typically after a person says or does something that is considered atypical for their gender.
Alex: I just bought the new Taylor Swift cd.

John: Heh!
#gay #homosexual #anti-straight #interjection #saying
by Big J89 October 26, 2010
Heh: an expression of light amusement, or a fake laugh

Heh is pronounced as Hmmmh

Heh can be used in a conversation as seen in the example below.

Also heh can be stressed out to provide more emphasis.

if you are having trouble pronouncing heh close your mouth and say heh, literally
it will sound like hmmhcoolyoyo91 (5:58:27 PM): that should be the sound you are aiming for
it give the speaker a sense of unaccomplishment and embarressment
In this case the speaker is whoever said the corny joke
guy1:sup man how u doing
Guy2:good man juss got some head
guy1:heh u know damn right you lying
guy2:HEHHHHHH!! shut the f*** up your gay
story ends
#soccer #gangsta #pimp #playa #arab
by Ali Asad November 29, 2007
Mostly used on irc, it's pretty much used as if you'd say wtf but in a lighter way , it's even more phonetic than a real word.
<someone> i got fired today for farting loudly...
<someone_else> heh.
by Ulimetic June 01, 2005
Used as a question. Someone says something, other person says (yells) "Heh?"

Or used as half-laugh.
Teacher: Today we will be--

Student: Heh?!?
by Lord Turbine May 10, 2005
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