A half laugh; Place holder for saying something but not really meaning anything
"I just got a new #$^##! =) "
by Kodora October 04, 2003
A decent alternative to "lol."
"y helo thar....butsekz?"
by dj gs68 July 25, 2003
A response to bon mots or witticisms, not deemed worthy of a full-blown class!
by Stan Grytviken April 01, 2003
term for expressing; "you said something lame" or "that was a lame statement" or "that statement deserves nothing but 'heh' in reply, so I'll say 'heh' before anyone can respond" (anything said after will sound idiotic)
When used it's kind of a defining moment for the one in question.

Mainly used in IRC
<bored> heh
by Pion August 08, 2003
a random question that one uses to end a conversation.
John: Why do you like bagels so much?
Austin: HEH?!?
Sean: So what are we doing today?
by Stin42069 May 05, 2009
refers to one being confused. also a word associated with what(?).
Teacher: what is pi^e power.

you: heh?
by aaron_paul13 September 11, 2008
A word used on mainly IRC that indicates that what the other person said was stupid, weird or lame. Some people think it's a semi-laugh but really it's just the same way as saying "Gaawd what you just said is lame / stupid / weird / annoying (put anything negative here) and I'm going to use "Heh." to make you feel even more stupid". I wouldn't use the word as a 'semi-laugh' or whatever people call it because it's kind of offending to the person talking / chatting.
<MoodHappy> SnobbyIRCNerd you know everything don't you? It's great to have you around! :D
<SnobbyIRCNerd> Heh.
<MoodConfused> Now what did you mean by "Heh."?
<SnobbyIRCNerd> What do you think genious?
<MoodAngry> Fuck off you fucking computer nerd.
by Socialism August 14, 2006
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