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A half laugh; Place holder for saying something but not really meaning anything
"I just got a new #$^##! =) "
by Kodora October 04, 2003
10 14
A response to bon mots or witticisms, not deemed worthy of a full-blown class!
by Stan Grytviken April 01, 2003
8 12
A decent alternative to "lol."
"y helo thar....butsekz?"
by dj gs68 July 25, 2003
60 66
term for expressing; "you said something lame" or "that was a lame statement" or "that statement deserves nothing but 'heh' in reply, so I'll say 'heh' before anyone can respond" (anything said after will sound idiotic)
When used it's kind of a defining moment for the one in question.

Mainly used in IRC
<bored> heh
by Pion August 08, 2003
20 27
A word used on mainly IRC that indicates that what the other person said was stupid, weird or lame. Some people think it's a semi-laugh but really it's just the same way as saying "Gaawd what you just said is lame / stupid / weird / annoying (put anything negative here) and I'm going to use "Heh." to make you feel even more stupid". I wouldn't use the word as a 'semi-laugh' or whatever people call it because it's kind of offending to the person talking / chatting.
<MoodHappy> SnobbyIRCNerd you know everything don't you? It's great to have you around! :D
<SnobbyIRCNerd> Heh.
<MoodConfused> Now what did you mean by "Heh."?
<SnobbyIRCNerd> What do you think genious?
<MoodAngry> Fuck off you fucking computer nerd.
by Socialism August 14, 2006
18 27
It is used to laugh at someone when you have acheived something they cant. It can also be used to pronouce your pride of something that others may not thing you should take pride in.
Danny: I can't get my program to work.
Andy: Heh! Mine works!
Danny: Screw you!
Andy: Shove a cat up your arse dude.

Dave: Im going to photocopy my passport and change my age.
Andy: You can't do that thats fraud.
Dave: Heh, dont care!
by Radeon March 01, 2005
12 21
Used after saying something to which you don't know what the reaction will be, usually used to purposely show some sort of pity (existant or not) by displaying insecurity in the audience. Also used when giving bad news in order to lessen cases of "attacking the messanger"
"Hey baby...the condom broke...heh"
"I need to borrow 70 billion dollars for Iraq...heh heh heh"
by Dario teh Lion! February 13, 2005
14 23