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Cool to it's core. Someone or something that seems to have been born under the cool star. Natural and uninhibited coolness - in a good way.

Sort of a jazz meets Buddah meets sexy kind of greatness.

When everything is just right and perfect like it couldn't be anything else.
We went to this restaurant-lounge place the other night. The food was amazing and the music was unbelievable! The whole thing was hefner, man.

by Big Slick April 13, 2006
a male version of a cougar. as in playboy founder, hugh hefner.
person 1 : omg. my 60 year old father is dating a 20 year old.
person 2 : does that makes them a pedophile or a cougar?
person 1 : neither. it makes him a hefner.
person 2 : LOLOL.
by hellyesimcool July 29, 2009