A nicer way of callin a woman or gay man a bitch
Damn, she is a real heffa.
by dino90404 November 27, 2010
adj. slang for someone who has done something crazy or unexplainable. Mainly used to describe females and gay men.
"That crazy heffa done took my jacket." or "That heffa made me late by driving so slow."
by Marpessa Jenkins February 19, 2008
A cow sized bitch!
"Keesha, you heffa, shut your fat ass up."
by Matt Pwnage February 15, 2009
A cow. It is an insult, typically made by a woman, to suggest that another woman is fat and ugly, like a cow. It's an expression of contempt, and may not even be in reaction to the target's actual physical appearance or anything she specifically did. Like hefer, heffer, and hefa, heffa is an informal spelling and lazy pronunciation of the word properly spelled as heifer. An actual heifer is just a female cow that hasn't given birth.
Why would he be wit' dat heffa when he could have all this?
by ItaloDisco82-83-84 September 21, 2013
a fat chick that knows shes fat but still would rather eat.
"im not a heffa"
"uhm honey you are. just look in the mirror"
as the girl looks in the mirror and realizes she weighs a bajillion pound and starts to cry uncontrolably
by juliianaaaa March 24, 2008
a really, really fat person
that heffa sat on my hamster and killed it.
by oh fuck off November 11, 2004
General derogatory word describing women; More precisely,Loud, overweight,and most commonly women of african decent.
Damn son, that heffa finna file for child support.
by Saucemaster3000 March 01, 2009

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