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Heeling is basically like skating but using Heelys shoes which are shoes with a wheel in the heel.
Guy1: Hey man, i have just bought my new pair of heelys, wanna go out heeling?
Guy2: Hell yeah
by Mabbsy June 21, 2006
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The sexual act of penetrating the vagina with your heel. Works best if the penetrator has tiny feet and the penetratee has a monster cunt.
Man I went home with this smokin' hot girl last night but when it got time to do the no-pants-dance, I couldn't get a grip in her vajayjay! So heeling was the only way...
by heeling-connoisseur September 22, 2011
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When your fidget spinner stops spinning and you use your heel to make it go faster
John was annoyed that his fidget spinner stopped an pinning and started heeling
by Gsack informer April 30, 2017
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