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Heek: noun, odor or smell that is so offensive that you cannot even dignify it with the terms "odor" or "smell." Way worse than stank or funk. Heek clears a room fast, and requires chemical intervention to remove it.
To heek: to emit foul evil odor
My dog rolled in a dead sea lion carcass. He heeks! I had to wash his funky ass three times before I would let him back in the house.
by Henry Chinaski May 14, 2006
slang for "hell yea"
also see: "heek yeek"
Cox: My 95 Civic with the big fin, racing stripes and loud pipes is the shiznit!
Bom: Heek!
by Trey February 06, 2003
To hook up or make out with someone.
"Yo! I heeked with Brit last night and it was so gad!"
by Rad The Don June 24, 2005
A person that is a cross between a hick and a geek.
Here comes that heek again.
by Carol September 04, 2006
1. a geek/nerd with an attitude, ususally an insult
shut up, heek!

Josh, Kramer and Cody are complete heeks, we should stay away from them.
by pyrotechnik March 28, 2005