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3 definitions by pyrotechnik

1. a metal, refillable lighter that is known for it's rugged design. It is windproof, and has a lifetime guarantee, which is why it's become so popular over tha ages. Zippos often have designs on them to give them "personality." a fuel button does not need to be pressed in order to keep lit, it turns off by closing the lid.
2. a derogatory word used by the military for flamethrower tanks.
I just got a new Zippo, it's so cool!
by pyrotechnik July 09, 2005
ecstasy... a drug that makes your heart rate speed up and you feel all excited and crazy... then you drop dead.
I don't buy happy pills at your average drugstore.
by pyrotechnik May 18, 2005
1. a geek/nerd with an attitude, ususally an insult
shut up, heek!

Josh, Kramer and Cody are complete heeks, we should stay away from them.
by pyrotechnik March 28, 2005