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slur for a jewish person
Joe Pesci: Let's make Lethal Weapon 5.
Mel Gibson: Shut the fuck up you dumb fucking hebe.
#mel gibson #joe pesci #hebe #jew #lethal weapon
by teep August 20, 2006
A Racial Slur against Jews Derived From a Contraction of Hebrew.
That Christ Killen' Hebe Jewed me off Again, Damn Kike.
#kike #heeb #jew #yid #hebee
by Zack_A January 30, 2006
A beautiful, youthful girl. A Hebe will often surprise you with her intelligence and humor, as at first may seem plain or shy. Get on her good side, and she might surprise you in the bedroom too - Hebe's are notoriously kinky and always up for a good time.
"How was you'r date last night?"

"Well, she was a Hebe, so yanoo ;)"
#sexy #kinky #intelligent #beautiful #youthful
by hesperidium_ January 09, 2015
Hebe is the Greek diety who married Hercules after his ascention to god status. She is the cupbearer, and the goddess of youth and spring. Hebe is known as Juventas by the Romans.

The hebe is also a purple plant found in New Zealand.
Hercules married Hebe.
I picked some hebes on the way here.
by ]MpC[hebe December 16, 2004
A person who's parents refer to them by their last name and/or a variation of said name. This person also accepts his or her parents' religious and political beliefs without question. He or she may also persecute crowemosexual individuals, thus making him or her a bigotch as well.

Evan: Look at him. He's such a crowemosexual.

Jamison: Your powers of observation are mesmerizing, hebes.


Mother: C'mon Hebert. We're late to the Republican National Convention.

Son: Ok mom, but can we also attend the Conservative Political Action Conference?

Mother: What's the magic word?

Son: Pleeeeaaaase.

Mother: Alright, but we'll have to go to church first.

Entire Hebert Family: Amen!
#crowemosexual #bigotch #keith olbermann #republican national convention #black widow
by crowemosexual May 24, 2009
The fat roll on the back of a person's neck.
Nate: "Holy shit, Look at the hebes on Shermel's neck!"

Shermel: "Fuck you Nate!"
#neck #fat #rolls #pack of hotdogs #chunky
by Asbdav February 06, 2012
A shortened form of hebephile; i.e. one who is attracted to adolescents a.k.a. jailbait.
I think he's a hebe because he likes hanging out with the junior high school girls
#hebephile #pedo #pedophile #adolescent #teenager
by Norah Jones May 03, 2008
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