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slur for a jewish person
Joe Pesci: Let's make Lethal Weapon 5.
Mel Gibson: Shut the fuck up you dumb fucking hebe.
by teep August 20, 2006
another name for a GRAVITY BONG. derives from the letters G and B coming together ala DJ Tanner being called 'Deej' on the show Full House. involves a plastic bottle (the bottom inch or two cut off) with a bowlpiece implanted in the bottle top, and a bucket of water. shit fucks you up son!!!
God, I took mad beer bongs and a few lines tonight, the only shit that got me straight was that geeb son!!
by teep July 24, 2006
the act of pussying out when a hot drunk girl is practically throwing herself onto you sexually.
Good lord, that bitch wanted him so bad but my man pulled a straight Bedoe son!!
by teep July 24, 2006
When you take a dump in a blender and mix it with Cool Whip and Ice, then stick your dick into the frosty treat and proceed by fucking your girl (or guy). then you eat out his/her hole, therefore enjoying a refreshing dairy desert.
Good lord man, those kids down in Kakalakey know all about the perfect raleigh surprise! no wonder that shits the capitol!
by teep July 24, 2006
to pull a lance bass is to shower your gay lover in showtunes while you do them anally.
Dude last night I dropped the Lance Bass on that guy Xavier from high school.
by teep July 26, 2006
Widely known as the largest city in South Africa, it is also an expletive used in place of "god damn" or "holy shit". (made famous in the great state of North Carolina).
Steve: That shit is 50 bucks man.
Javier: Johannesburg. I only have 30!
by teep July 24, 2006

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