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quick easy generic form is gasoline and strofoam. let sit for 3 days and stir real good until a paste is formed. next add liquid dishwashing soap. lol
an example could be incrimanating.
by who dat January 16, 2005
truly stands for I Owe Unto.
as in i owe unto you this amount.
it is really just an expresion nowadays not really used because people as a whole cannot be trusted to pay debts ot just plain trusted. this is not urban but i saw someone else post this "word" and obviously hadnt a freakin clue what the true meaning is.
if you give me a burger today i would gladly pay for it on tuesday.

man get out of my burger shack. these times we livin in is inflated. pity dont pay no bills.
by who dat February 03, 2005
dude check it out i just got a package in the mail and its got some baby powder in it.

dude that aint baby powder thats anthrax. you know that stuff them terrorists been sendin folks.
by who dat January 09, 2005
it is the white clots that form when a woman has a bad yeast infection. males usually only notice this after they have just had intercouse and discover an itch so bad they are about to scratch the skin off. fellas this is not only a definition but a warning to check it out first for clottage chesse. LoL
ahh man she gave me the itchies again with her clottage chesse.
by who dat January 08, 2005
this is a name of a 13 year old girl that publicly killed herself. she was famous. now some little girl in amsterdam has copied her name and has a website called "what is the best way to commit suicide when under 13?" when you post on her site she sends you a pic of her bum or the inside of her female anatomy.
do a google search for "best way to kill yourself when under 13"
by who dat January 08, 2005
I GOT ONE. MOSTA THESE DEFFINITIONS IS ONLY HALFWAY TRUE. where do i start? i have the sar 1 (search and rescue). it shoots very true providing you know the tajectery of your ammo. most yuppies dont and get on the internet complaing. when the ak came into production the sks went out. the ak was designed for urban warfare. it is not a sniper rifle although an 800 meter (875.1 yard) shot is possible. if you buy one i recomend the chineese military 75/100 round drum wind up type. dosent jam. did i mention that the ak dosent ever jam. (unlike the ar15,m16,m4,etc.) you can without tools break it down and put it back together in the field. sand is not a problem. barrel insides dont rust. its a tough weapon. its like "the glock" of assault rifles. Mr. kalaskinov was a genious. he said let the sights be mounted to the barrel and all the other moveable parts be clanking and banging around behind it. the american gunsmiths however say build it tight. thats why the m16 jams- there is no room for a few grains of sand and thus you need a guide assist rod. you can see daylight between the upper and lower recievers of the m16. they built it real tight huh?
I am cornholio... my bung hole goes rat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat
by who dat November 07, 2004
its what you say when you slam a domino down on the table for 20 points.

or really anytime that the number 20 is used.
a duece and a tre and two fives on the board and you slam down big five and holla twanky
by who dat January 23, 2005

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