Noun, a cigarette, smoke, stoag, butt.
I'm gunna go rip a heater.
by birdman001 June 30, 2005
gats,guns,machine guns.
we keep the heat on wit those heaters
by dog2004 June 07, 2004
another word for a cigarette
"i know heater prices in new york are ridiculous but let me bum a heater bro"
by soxsfan58 May 05, 2009
1. The act of taking a stinking poop that permeates through out an office/environment.

2. Name calling of a man and/or woman in office/environment setting who takes a number of serial smelly shits.
Ex. 1: A) Jesus John!! Did you just take a heater in the bathroom?

B) I gotta go take a heater, I'll be back a few minutes.

Ex. 2: A) Look at the heater at his/her chair.

B) Watch out! The heater just got out of the bathroom.
by Dudley 'Booger' Dawson January 26, 2011
cigarettes when the temperature is below comfortable for those living in the midwest.

"Hey Carl, lets go out back and burn some heaters"
"Hey hook it up wit a heaters yo!"
by Scott Terror February 02, 2006
A ritualistic male bonding event consisting of complete and total inebriation, drugs, intercourse with various Women, and disregard for law. Usually lasting 2 nights and resulting in bankruptcy, divorce, arrests, annulments, and break-ups.
Damn bruh, that heater this weekend really fucked my life up!
by J to the M April 30, 2012
In poker, a heater is a period where a player is getting better than average cards. Heaters don't theoretically exist, but they appear to exist on a player's graph. Can last for a very short while or a very long while.
I was on a huge heater where I was running $5,000 over EV. Now I'm downswinging back to zero :(
by coffee n ciggz August 22, 2010

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