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Chem name: Di-Methyl Triptamine
A drug that it synthesized with certain plants and natural substances found throughout the world.

The drug is most commonly produced inside the human brain stem in the first 28 days of life as a baby. After that point, It is stored in the brain and is only released upon brain/body communication stating that the body is dead. The DMT is released throughout your brain and system, numbing pain, freeing the mind and drifting your subconscious off into the land of death.

This is why some people make claims to "Having seen the light at the end of the tunnel" or having an out of body experience.

When smoked, The trip usually lasts about 15-20 seconds (much like the lesser-extreme psychadelic, Salvia) but it seems like much more. The drug seperates the wall between your subconscious and conscious mind, Essentially causing you to dream while wide awake.
Upon "waking", you feel like a million bucks, better than any cocaine or MDMA you could ever find, Essentially, You are re-born.

Wild huh?
"Last night my friend and I did DMT, The room floated away from me while I flew into a giant lions mouth made of stars."
by ChillerTheBabyKiller April 22, 2005
A gun.
Any kind of gun.

It's called a Heater, Because when you pop shots off, You're attracting unwanted attention from the police. As such, The situation is getting "Heaty" due to the sound coming from the "Heater"
"Nine millimeter heater stashed in two-seaters"

- Eminem.
by ChillerTheBabyKiller April 22, 2005
The epitome of Awesomeness.
BobJohnson is awesome.
by ChillerTheBabyKiller May 05, 2005

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