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being high... and feelin' good
High grade ina we heady now...

...even the baldhead and dready now. -Gentleman
by TheHighWay November 24, 2008
Headies are the buds at the top of the cannabis plant. It doesn't matter what strain or how it was grown(hydroponically or organically, indoors or outdoors etc). Headies have more trichomes (resin glands)than the rest of the bud on the plant and therefore is the best bud that the plant can produce. However, you can get shitty headies if you have a shitty plant. :)
Dude, i just got some bomb headies.
by Dani4206 February 05, 2009
1a a term overused to describe pot that is expensive, not neccesarilly good
1b a term some reserve for actual good cannabis especialy the main, largest bud or "cola"
2 anything of the highest quality currently available

note: it has nothing to do with the top inch of the buds, or oral sex
1a "I can't believe the price of these headies"
1b" I would pay anything for those sweet headies"

2 jose "Can I have a cupcake?"
juan "no way man, these are headies from my aunt, eat a little debby"
jose "you suck man"
by mo nigglius December 23, 2007
Nuggets that are worth smoking although I will puff Beasters due to my location
by Lenny from the Lot March 31, 2003
perfect marijuana!
mostly found in Green Bay.
look at these headies!
by $-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$ February 23, 2010
good strain of marijuana. but if it's the best you can find then move to california
The cow says, "MOOO!"

by cheesedick431 June 20, 2009
the best weed you have, that u dont want to share with. "Head Stash"
yo.. son u got them headies. yea bro. but im not sharing i have less then a G LEft.. Ahhh fuck u im gonna blaze the mids
by Stas617 August 07, 2007