Having the qualities of a bathroom aboard a boat.
A: That guy is full of shit.
B: Yeah, he's pretty heady.
by firesharter__ April 09, 2014
headies is probally one of the best grade u can get in the states! it is very good and it will have ur face numb and your hands tingling if you know who to buy from! so stop smoking schwag and beasters if u can get some HEADIES!
CHRIS: dude i am so tingly

DREW: why are you tingly

CHRIS: cuz i got headies

DREW: me to hahahahaha
by B3L5ITO February 24, 2010
The dankest dankity dank danks that ever did DANK.
Headies had to let him go. Now headies has a job making headies. I don't think he'll ever eat bread again, let alone make it.
by SpoonyB May 01, 2008
the dankness
yo di you grow the headies
by bruce yeats October 07, 2003
really fucking hard fucking glass for fucking pipes
This fucking heady pipe fell off the fucking table on the fucking concreted and it didn't even fucking break man. it was fucking fucked up.
by fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfucker November 09, 2008
To be thinking about things in your head uncontrollably, one after the other. You might experience being heady when you keep thinking about a bad thought over and over.
*Friend staring into space
Friend 2: "Yo Mike u aaight?"
Friend 1: *Snaps out of illusion. "Yea man I'm fine, I'm just mad heady about this girl."
by REEL September 20, 2011
someone who thinks they're better than you just because of the music they listen to, how long they've listened to that genre, the stories behind their hat pins or wraps, and they're "psychedelic experiences" that they've had.
"Why are you going to that crappy festival? Camp Bisco will be way better!"

"Wow man you that was so heady of you to say! Im sorry I forgot I was going to festivals for the image, not the music! Silly me."

"Man STS9 sucked last night. They didn't play any of their older stuff and they put down their instruments for like half the show!"

"Dude that statement was so heady. Who cares that was one of the greatest shoes ive ever seen!
by jjspliff April 09, 2013
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