My breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The only thing worth putting in the lungs. SATIVA FUNK.
If it isn't headies, throw it back in his face.
by Headie Freddie November 23, 2003
1. danky, great fucking nugs.
2. hippie
1. those are some heady nugs. OR are they heady?

2. there were a ton of heady kids there.

Is there a heady scene here?

yea, he was a heady kid..

look at all the headies.
by ashley January 31, 2004
very nice marijuana
usually green with a frosted look from the THC crystals
has yellow, red, or orange hairs
prices usually 20 a gram or 400 an ounce wholesale
I don't smoke schwag douchebag, I only smoke headies
by Joeycpd July 31, 2008
describing an awesome person for their abundance of resources, connections, generosity, kindness , knowledge, and being an all around sick individual (in most cases this describes hippies)
"how was the dead concert man?"

"dude i met some heady ass hippie kids, they hooked me up, smoked me out, and let me party with them all night it was so sick"
by super heady hippy June 14, 2009
1.Refering to the look or smell of a Bud. 2. A life style 3. A look
Yo the shit is Heady.
That is one Heady Muthafucka.
That dead shirt is Heady.
by Anonymous March 24, 2003
General slang term for any strain of cannabis that is sativa dominant and thus produces a strong head high versus a body stone. Headies effect the prefrontal cortex and will make you feel euphoria, uplifting, cerebral, and psychedelic. Headies are a rarity in the domestic marijuana market as they take much longer to grow. 12+ weeks of flowering, vs the 7+ weeks flowering for indica strains. Therefore headies are usually a novelty shared amongst growers as they are highly prized flowers for their unique effect on the head.
Examples of headies strains would include,
jack herer, haze, sour diesel, durban poison and many many more
by cannabiscannasewer October 25, 2011
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