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A hybrid strain of marijuana. A tall plant with long extreamily sticky buds resulting from its mainly sativa background. Crossing Haze the most powerful sativa with a nondominant indica made this plant shorter than Haze with a shorter flowering time but with the unique qualiies of a strong sativa high. The buds are covered in THC glands, hence the name 'Silver Haze'. The strain is not extinct as someone before me said.
I got some silver haze lets go smoke a blunt.
by KillaKush June 02, 2006
A high potency form of marijuana similiar to the cannibus specie purple haze, made from a cross of Haze and Indica. Named after the mass amount of THC glands covering the plant.
Fuck that shwag, let's go get a quarter of Silver Haze.
by Kidd Flow December 28, 2003
A name used for expensive homes and other property such as boats.
Also used to describe fine silver jewellery with fascinating glitter and touch of glamour typically in Sterling Silver.
Th boat is called Silver Haze.
Designer Earings in Sterling Silver seen as Silver Haze around the ears.
Designer Pendants in Sterling Silver seen as Silver Haze around the neck.
by road runnerx April 05, 2009
Used as a name for expensive property such as homes and boats.
The name Silver Haze can be seen on houses and boats from time to time
by Ifty Alam November 30, 2006
to bad that shit is extinct now
by bobo November 09, 2004
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