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see solar-puff, same as solar-puff but a water bong is used for sure as the smoking paraphenilia.
lets go out on my deck and do some biodynamic solar rips.
#sour d #bubble hash #4:20 #irie #community garden
by butter2 September 01, 2006
an adjective used to describe something that is really great. basically can replace pimp any time it is used to descibe something, but very useful when describing something done in the past that was pimp
the hotel we stayed in last weekend was pimply.
#tight #sweet #dope #snap #phat
by butter2 September 01, 2006
marijuana, a smoke that calms and refreshes, usually the compressed variety possibly containing seeds.
before the party we smoked some gerks. we are going to the concert , do you have your gerks. Angie only hangs around with us because we have the gerks.
#refer #herb #smoke #wacky tabaccy #ganja
by butter2 September 01, 2006
the flat out man. best athlete we have possible ever seen. tiger continues to break records year after year (many of them his own). arguably the best golfer ever. currently has 12 major victories, 6 shy of Jack Nicklaus's 18 which is the most all time. leaps and bounds beyond his competition. he has 53 tounament wins on the pga tour at age 30. and oh sorry that he doesn't smile more on the course, he's actually in whats called the zone, and has a quite possibly the highest concentration level of any human being. in 2000, 2001 he won all four majors in a row, a feat only comparable to the great Bobby Jones grand slam. since it wasn't in a calender year its not considered a grand slam by some. The Tiger slam is what it has been called. Tiger said "hey i have all four trophies on my mantle at home"
There is always someone better at golf than you unless your name is Tiger Woods.
#great one #mj #elite #champion #ice water in veins
by butter2 September 04, 2006
originally used to describe weed on grateful dead tour that was not for sale. you might smoke with some one on the parking lot of a Grateful Dead show, fellow head maybe, and loved the taste you just had dance across your palate and ask to buy some, only to be told nah' bro these are just headies. later it was used to describe a level of dank and parking lot sellers would describe their bud as headies. of course this is all realitive compared to what one has tried and has access too.
friend a: i smoked some silver haze the other day.

friend b: oh yea can i get some

friend a: nah they were just headies.
#crip #dank #personal #noggin' #head stash
by butter2 September 01, 2006
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