A person that loves to suck on the head of a penis.
That chick is one, mean head hunter.
by Rune June 08, 2003
Lots of definitions, but when a baseball pitcher is referred to as a headhunter it means that he intentionally throws pitches at the heads of batters on a regular basis. This is done either to intimidate them or to actually crack their skull.

Pitchers who do this are under the delusion that they have the right to mete out punishment to batters for such minor offenses as acting a little too cocky, or swinging at a 3-2 pitch when the batter's team is leading by 10 runs. Sometimes they do it just because they are frustrated that the batter gets a lot of hits off them. They do not deserve to be in the major leagues. They do deserve to have their asses kicked by 'roided up hitters who charge the mound after being thrown at.
"Shit, Roger Clemens hit Mike Piazza in the head with that pitch! And the last three times Piazza faced Clemens, he homered off him! I bet Clemens did it on purpose; that prick's a headhunter!"
by Rabid_Caterpiller July 01, 2004
Headhunting basically means to cut off someones head after killing them, thats the true meaning, and i have no idea what the fuck all the others are about, and Headhunterz are absolutely sick.
headhunters are fucking wrong
by hardstylee April 22, 2009
Agela Is that biggest head hunter i know
she loves to suck dick
by Brandon December 10, 2003
Headhunter was a Power/Thrash metal band formed in 1990 in Lörrach Germany after Marcel Schirmer was fired from Destruction.
The Members were:
Schmier - Vocals, Bass
Uwe Hoffmann - Guitar
Jörg Michael - Drums
Headhunter's Parody of life is one kickass album!
by ThrashMHead January 02, 2010
A football hooligan sporting team colours and a hedgehog haircut. Tendency for violence towards mopeds and turretic outbursts.
by Christopher Melville August 08, 2003
Head Hunter is a "non-homosexual" that loves head. They will seek head from any gender.. remember "Non-Homo"
male sais: Did You know Crystal Is a HEAD HUNTER!?!!?

gay female sais: "Fo, real!?!?!..I been wantin some of that booty from her for a while. I always thought she was %100 abot the penis..I'mma lick on that!"

male sais: Hell YEH! Shyt, when you done... Im gonna get it in too.
by REMIXXX DE REHME March 15, 2007
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