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A condition caused by repeated blunt trauma to the tonsils and back of the throat. This condition causes a rough, scratchy voice in women, similar but less severe than Smoker's Voice.
Girl: Hey guys!
Guy 1: Well, she's easy.
Guy 2: How do you know?
Guy 1: She has Blowjob Voice.
by Coutzy December 20, 2011
A rule that states there is to be no talking while one is on the toilet, inspired by Elliot Reid of the TV show Scrubs.
Person 1: Why didn't you make coffee for me?
Person 2: I asked and you didn't reply
Person 1: That's because I was on the toilet and you broke the Elliot Rule.
by Coutzy June 21, 2011
The feeling you get roughly thirty minutes after consuming the "quality" food at McDonalds. Symptoms include nasuea, stomach cramps and a deep sense of regret.
I shouldn't have had that second cheeseburger, its giving me a McDowner
by Coutzy July 13, 2011
When a person becomes so overcome with fangirl delight that they can no longer support the weight of their own head, and it hits a desk or desk-like object.
Mr. X: "Did you see the new Twilight movie?"

Mrs. Y: "Yeah, I headdesked when the guy took his shirt off."
by Coutzy December 08, 2009

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