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A rock or metal musician or one who is a fan of rock/metal music.
There where hundreds of headbangers at Ozzfest.
by Khanrad July 08, 2003
1. a low paying, demeaning job (also see: McJob)

2. A cadillac car, often driven by pimps.

by Khanrad July 08, 2003
A terrible show that has only one purpose: ruin music. It also is home to the worfst shows EVER (TRL, Real World...my ass, Made, Punk'd, MTV Kareooke, etc...) It was cool when it first started. Then went downhill after the eighties. Or after they cancelled Beavis and Butthead thanx to pussies like Tipper Gore.
"MTV is to music, as KFC is to chicken"
by Khanrad July 08, 2003
An Islamic holy site where it is believed that the prophet Abraham built the first temple of Gos. It is also where Satan tempted Abraham 50 some odd times.
When a muslim makes his hajj, he must go visit the Kabba
by Khanrad July 08, 2003
spanish slang for a homosexual
El es un johto!
by Khanrad July 08, 2003
Food that has been genetically enhanced or has been grown using growth or other hormones.
Hippies often protest over Frankenfood.
by Khanrad July 08, 2003
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