When one drops a girl, or boy, on their head and the has sex with them when they are unconscious.
Yo I totally gave this girl Annie a headbanger last night at my party. And then I motorboated her. She loved it.
by Glen Coco March 13, 2007
The funniest sexual position ever. Involves...the girls head banging on the ground. Amazing.
"I tried the headbanger last night. Yea, the doctor says she has a mild concussion, but she says she wants to do it again. So what the hell.
by K-rizzle November 29, 2004
bitches that are down to give head deeptroating trics
that bang there head

she gives good head she is a good head banger
by johnnie mack brown April 02, 2008
a headbanger is someone who bangs the head of the penis into the back of thier throat or down the throat while giving head.
last night i headbanged my boyfriends large cock, until i started to choke.
by brittanylynn May 02, 2005
When a girl takes her man's penis and looks it dead in the eye, says "come here yah little guy" and bangs it repetedly against her forehead.

1st rule... NEVER put it in your mouth. thats so 80's.
by Bob Saggot April 04, 2005
A sociopath , who when left alown in a room with a tea cosy , will try it on ! alternately a masochist who needs a good whipping every now and then .
look at that hairy nude dude with the funny hat , he must be a real ´HeadBanger´
by zombie November 19, 2004
someone who earns respect
Someone who can fight.
someone associated with gangs and murder.
head banger by R.A.R.E
by CERTiFiEDSHAWTY February 12, 2005
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