A homosexual gang, they mostly hang out at a gay-bar. Some found in California, Louisiana;Gay Gang bangers.
Dem gay ass dick headbangers
by MR UNstopable March 18, 2011
One who moves their head forward and backward to the beat of music. Generally Metal or Death Metal. See bands Slipknot, Otep, Metallica. Also see the definition Craig
I saw this guy banging his head while driving down the road. I thought that crazy mofo was going to hit me!!
by N/A July 12, 2003
A type of rocker; One who listens to hair/death/speed/thrash/heavy metal from the mid 80s to the mid 90s.
"those rockers are fags... crazy headbangers, are bigger pimps" -Brujeria
by N/A April 24, 2005
A sexual position, in which the woman lies on her back on a table (preferably waist high) and leans her head backward off the edge. she then "opens wide" whilst the man shoves his raging red devil erection into her blowhole. the man should thrust as if having rough sex. Voila!. the Headbanger

WARNING:Male scrotum CAN cause severe damage to the womans face whilst it slaps her in the EYES!
Doctor (to lusty patient): lie on this table and tilt your head back over the edge while i examine your throat.

Woman (proceeds to do so)

Doctor:open wide......now say ahhh

Woman: ahh...AHHHGHGHooglahb



doctor: that'll be €300 please
by $P@C€R 54 May 18, 2009
someone who repeatedly bounces there head off of random objects.
Dalton was a headbanger camping yesterday... he hit his head every five minutes.
by Dalton MI November 12, 2007
when getting head from a girl on a bunk bed and the man is about to ejaculate, he decides to be a gentleman and throws the girl off thus hitting her head on the ceiling. While in shock of the bang, the man blows his load.
Mark got a headbanger last night.
by teamchad November 29, 2005
The act of inhaling the smoke of a joint or blunt of marijuana through one's nose into one's lungs. The large amount of synapses in the nostrils give the user an immediate light headed or high feeling.
Some would argue this is a better method than inhaling the smoke through the mouth, which doesn't give such immediate/possibly more intense results.
bro 1: gimme a headbanger brah, i wanna get fucked up!!!

bro 2: aight. *shottys the blunt/joint into bro 1's nose*

bro 1: ...duuuddeee the colors! the colors!!!
by Trae March 23, 2007
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