A myth made up by low-ranking men and women in the armed forces not to be confused with unicorns or the boogy-man.

"Corporal, where you hazing Johnson this morning."

"No Gunny, hes' lying."
"Figured. Carry on.".
by Sarjukhe June 18, 2010
To Still be a little bit hazy from smoking weed. Not 100% sober.
"Are you High?"
"Naw dude, just hazing a bit"
by Straight up G June 16, 2008
The act of male manual autoerotic behavior, i.e. beating off.
I was hazing myself to a picture of Eva Longoria naked.
by Robert Bohn May 30, 2006
Beating off/the by-product of beating off.
I had a good time hazing myself last night. After four times, however, I had no haze left.
by Shackleford, Rusty June 22, 2006
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