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a way to friendly-ly make fun of somebody.

Champion- Grace Helbig
just... stop

-- you've been hazed
by maddiecollins11 June 10, 2011
Being harrassed by others.
"Dude, did you see that dork?"
"Yeah bro, I hazed his ass."
by thebean December 07, 2006
A more awake version of stoned.
Person with at least half a brain: Man you look hazed,
Druggie: *grunt*
by Raverz June 09, 2006
When one or usually up to three individuals have induced or consumed in any physically possible way an unusually huge amount of marijuana, so that the high is unrealistically natural and constant.
Zoe: Wow Lavinia, this brownie was a good brownie.

Lavinia: I know, since we got in this third world country i just feel reborn in the spirit.

Lucy: I have to agree, i couldnt feel more hazed these days.
by lucyandzoeonelvoe August 04, 2010
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