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A type of weed that is very light green. Has the smell of sweet funk. And when you hit the bong it taste like a mix of lemon and fuel.... for real! The high is not your normal couchlock high. You actually could go play a game of bball or talk to your parents on it.
Man that sour diesel was crazy.... shit taste like i got ran over by a lemon truck!!
by jonnyganjaseed February 20, 2010
Haze is a type of marijuana that originates from tropical parts of the world. Southeast Asia, Mexico, Columbia, and South Africa to name a few. The plant itself is the one of the tallest of any type of marijuana often growing over 20 ft tall. The smoke hits you in the head and not the body. Gives an energetic, creative type of feeling. It also has some of the highest thc levels ever recorded. But casual smokers should be warned that this plant can cause anxiety if mishandled.
I smoked some haze the other night thinking it was gonna put me to sleep but instead i ended up talking on the phone the whole night!!
by Jonnyganjaseed February 20, 2010
One of the most overrated weed strains in America. Popular because its purple and not green. Smoke is dank but mostly just good for putting you to sleep. Some of the purple kush has berry smell.
I bought some purple kush and guess what it really was purple!!!
by Jonnyganjaseed February 20, 2010

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