Gangster; the epitome of cool; awesome to the maximum possiblity; not to be confused with "gangsta"
Man, that party was so havisham.
#havisham #havishame #havarobe #havi #lambisham
by Emma Lambi September 23, 2009
Top Definition
To break up with someone after consciously exploiting their weakness of being in love, in order to reap the benefits (either materialistic or psychological) of said relationship. Often results in devastation on the affected party.
Allison drew Bill in, got some pretty baubles, and then totally havishamed his ass.
by M. Kittens August 09, 2005
The wierd old bitch in something Charles Dickens wrote. Her husband to be left her at the alter so she stayed in her wedding dress for 70 years. Has a fetish for fucking dead people and watching children play. Generally a fucked up bitch that instead of complaining should be in the kitchen.
Dave: you seen that fucked up hannah bitch?
Steve: yer what a havisham
#charles dickens #bitch #fucked up #dinner lady #wedding
by MG34D December 15, 2010
Whilst a girl is giving a blowjob, she bites the mans nob.
"then down until i suddenly bite awake" - Carol Ann Duffy's poem, Havisham
#carol ann duffy #nob bite #havishem #biting of nob #havish
by bondy boy November 20, 2007
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