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A Christmas decoration that adorns christmas trees. Thety come in many different shapes and colours.
Fonejacker - 'bis sunt bisisee baubles a bipity bopity boo?'
by babadobey January 05, 2010
Ask Willy fuckin' Nelson!!!!!
Many a young maid lost her baubles to my trade
Many a nachos I have piledged in my day......
by Roberto Emilia November 09, 2007
In the World of Warcraft:

Noun:- a cancerous, self-centered pest that seeks only to wreck and ruin.

Verb:- ruin, destroy, wreck, spoil.
Don't group with them, they are a bauble. They will ruin the whole raid.

Hey, wanna do an UBRS pug run? We have a great group and I promise we won't bauble it.
by Mike Paterson October 28, 2006
A penis. Well, that's the slang word..
Go stick your bauble in a hole
by The Dork March 13, 2004
golden sphere in the "Pridain Chronicles"
dunno, read the fekkin series
by AD January 15, 2004