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A place where sex is currency
A place where teenage boys wish their girlfriends would go
A place where handcuffs aren't for law enforcement
A shop that somehow survives without customers
A place where bras dont need to cover the nipple
A place where desperate women go to flll the hole
A place that sells DVD's with unusually bad acting
A place where things that vibrate strictly arent for cleaning teeth
Alice: I picked up something from the Anne summers shop today
Joe: Fuck yes! ive been waiting for this all my life
Alice: And you wont be dissapointed
Joe: *Jizz in pants
#sex shop #dildo #jizz #porn #sex #underwear #shop
by MG34D October 26, 2010
The wierd old bitch in something Charles Dickens wrote. Her husband to be left her at the alter so she stayed in her wedding dress for 70 years. Has a fetish for fucking dead people and watching children play. Generally a fucked up bitch that instead of complaining should be in the kitchen.
Dave: you seen that fucked up hannah bitch?
Steve: yer what a havisham
#charles dickens #bitch #fucked up #dinner lady #wedding
by MG34D December 15, 2010
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