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OOoo dat sexi man
i wanna lick him just like my fav cholate bar
ooo he gtes me off baby
by ANITA August 30, 2003
Fruit machine
We went down to the casino and played a few puggys and wanked off like good little boys
by Anita August 04, 2003
It means to talk nonsense, chatter.
"And if I haver, I'm going to be the one havering to you." The Proclaimers
by Anita June 12, 2003
Used to describe a food that is orgasmically delicious.
These cookies are orgasmelicious!
by Anita March 29, 2005
A large, slow moving and oblivious group of people that totally blocks the sidewalk. Often tourists visiting cities where people walk to get around.
It took me twenty minutes to walk two blocks because I was stuck behind a Chinese Field Trip.
by Anita November 11, 2004
Slang for autoerotic asphyxiation while masturbating.

Maximizing an orgasm by cutting off air to the brain. Sometimes leads to accidental - and embarrassing - suicide.
The singer from INXS died while doing the Chokey Strokey.
by Anita November 11, 2004
Its a fat hooked on phonics needed person who cant spell section right
we needed a good laugh, so we told the fat kid that you spelt it sexchin"
by Anita July 04, 2004
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