A term used whereby a program has been uninstalled or removed from a computer but still remains on there, usually in the form of registry keys or DLL files
1. I uninstalled that spyware program, but I still think that my computer is haunted by it.
2. After removing the home page hijacking program, I still found executables and DLL files that were haunting my computer after I'd removed it.
by Shaf December 28, 2004
Top Definition
The state of cronic depression and gloom created by a cataclysmic personal event.
"I haven't seen Jay around in a really long time. What happened to him?"

"The Breakup with Jennifer broke his heart. He just sits at home alone. Man he's totally haunted"
by ~*Stellar*~ May 27, 2007
a term for getting really fucked up and/or crazy. see also: hyphy. originated in the south bay
"hey bro, what are you doin' tonight?"
"i dunno but ima get MAD haunted"

by cerebral lawlzy September 14, 2008
a place where everyone there should be dead
man that church is haunted
by $$ June 18, 2003
What an area (usually a cemetary or an establishment such as a castle or church) is where ghosts, ghouls, spirits and spectres can be found floating around meaninglessly.
My shirt is haunted.
by B-Drac November 06, 2003
When something inanimate is stupid, broken, ill conceived, or dangerous. A general term indicating something that doesn't work properly.
Q: Did you see the crane that toppled over and killed all those people?

A: Yeah, that shit was definitely haunted.
by Sickmouse March 12, 2010
A Brilliant TV Series Cancelled by UPN in the USA in 2002, Network Ten in Australia bought rights to Haunted and broadcast the program in 2005. Starred Matthew Fox as Private Eye Frank Taylor.
Matthew Fox
Network Ten, Australia
by P. redeckis June 03, 2006
Often used as a term to describe a building inhabited by ghosts but is also a way to describe a scuzzy ass hoe who has yellow sludge dripping from her cunt.

"I slipped on that yellow sludge on the floor and now I have back problems. That's the last time I invite Ashley to my house, She's mad Haunted."
by Nekrobutcher March 13, 2012

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